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**Not a standalone romance. This is a trilogy with cliffhangers!**

One bad to the bone hottie. An inseparable friendship. Risky decisions.
Welcome to glitzy, ritzy, glam-filled 1985. Maixent, heir to Europe’s most glamorous throne, is as cool as stone-washed jeans. Charley, heir to America’s premier political family, is as hot as neon sweatbands. But will their hearts fall head over big hair in love or will the deadly secret from their mothers’ past rip apart a royal dynasty and a political family?

Since high school, Leigh and Nikki have shared their deepest secrets. As their lives diverge through marriage, Leigh’s addiction to living on the edge jeopardizes both her future and Nikki’s. Their secret stays buried for nearly thirty years, until Leigh’s son and Nikki’s daughter fall in love.

He is Prince Maixent, Europe’s most eligible bachelor and heir to the glamorous Dragonblood Throne. She is Charley Cassidy, the President’s daughter and America’s political princess.

Will their hearts find love before family secrets rip apart a royal dynasty and one of America’s greatest political families?

Secrets & Lies is a free romantic suspense told from the perspective of two different generations, two different families. If you like your romance filled with family sins, a cast of sizzling characters, glamorous intrigue and suspense then download Secrets & Lies: Heirs Book 1 to become your next favorite read.

**Not a standalone romance. This is a trilogy with cliffhangers!**

When the past won’t stay buried, when you stand to lose everything you’ve ever schemed for, how far should a mother go to keep a secret? Lies. Deception. Blackmail. Who can you trust? Whose game is more dangerous? Whose heart will be collateral damage?

The love between Maixent and Charley has upset the delicate equilibrium of their mothers’ skeleton-rattling secrets, long-kept secrets that will forever change family relationships. As the weight of the past begins to unravel their picture-perfect lives, will Nikki and Leigh sacrifice Maixent and Charley’s dreams to save themselves?

As events conspire against Altobello and its royal dynasty, Maixent battles Mafia threats against his kingdom, not knowing the greatest danger comes from the past.

Follow the twists, turns and cliffhangers of the Heirs series in Book 2. Set in ritzy, glitzy, glamorous 1985, the HEIRS trilogy is a compelling blend of suspense, intrigue and romance told from the perspective of two different generations, two different families. If you like red-hot, black-tie romance with scheming bluebloods, then give Lies & Regret the green light and jump into the action by buying Lies & Regret today.

Note: You need to read the Heirs trilogy in order: Book 1: Secrets & Lies, Book 2: Lies & Regret, Book 3: Revenge & Lies.