I'll show her the ropes. Then I'll tie her up with them.


Madilyn doesn't know it but I hand-picked her to work for me.
I'm used to getting what I want, and I wanted her the moment I laid my eyes on her.
Those curves. That smile. The way she looks at me with those innocent eyes- I get hard just thinking about it.
Now I plan to teach her everything- and I do mean everything.
Under my watch, she'll experience a lot of firsts. Her first boss. Her first trial. Her first fu*k.
Sure, it's frowned upon to mix business with pleasure, but I built this firm from the ground up and I don't follow anyone else's rules.
I'm the one in control- always.
Too bad I may be breaking my own coveted rule.

I'm used to taking risks in the courtroom- but my heart is off limits.


Landing the job at Asher Mark's law firm was a dream come true.
Who knew he would also be the guy who would leave me wet after one glance?
I don't like guys like him who think they can do what they want. And we have nothing in common.
Sure, we're both ambitious lawyers but the comparison stops there.
He's older, filthy rich and much more experienced in the courtroom- not to mention the bedroom.
He wants me bad. He thinks I'll say "Yes boss," "Please boss," "More boss."
But I'm the type of woman who likes to stay in control of my life, my career and my relationships.

So why do I want to give it up- quite literally- to my boss, of all people? And what will happen to my career- and my heart- if I do?

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